Admission Exam English

For future students of FH Aachen

The admission exam is aimed at prospective Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students at FH Aachen and serves to analyse their existing knowledge of English. The language centre offers this examination at regular intervals. If you need to demonstrate your knowledge of English in order to be admitted to your prospective Bachelor’s or Master’s degree course at the FH Aachen, please contact your faculty to see whether the language centre’s admission examination is recognised as proof of language skills.
The examination fee is €50. A registration fee of €20 will be added. Registration is possible via the online registration form below.

Exam Structure

The standardised test is made up of three components:
1. Reading comprehension and general language use – 45 minutes
2. Writing – 30 minutes
3. Speaking – maximum 10 minutes
The individual components of the exam are designed as follows:

Reading Comprehension

In this section of the test, candidates are expected to answer 15 multiple-choice questions relating to two different texts.

General Language use

The goal of this section of the test is for the candidates to demonstrate their ability to use the right vocabulary, tenses and turns of phrase for each situation. In total, the exercise consists of 50 gap-fill sentences featuring blanks that must be filled in by the candidate so that each sentence is correct in terms of both grammar and meaning.


In this exercise, the candidate is expected to produce a short essay (around 200 words) on a pre-determined topic. The focus here is on the formulation of an opinion, the defence of a particular point of view, the comparison of different viewpoints and so on.


In the spoken exam, the candidates are first presented with a diagram that they have to explain. On the basis of this description, a discussion follows.

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