Vocational language courses

Basic and special courses

What are vocational language courses?

Vocational language courses are part of the “Vocational German language promotion”. They are aimed at immigrants who are able to demonstrate the required previous language skills and are registered as looking for a training post, looking for work, or unemployed – or who require a specific language certificate for the recognition of their professional qualification. Course participation is reserved for those who are (part-) sponsored by the BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees). Direct payers cannot participate in these specific courses.

There are basic and special courses. Lessons focus on content such as expanding grammatical knowledge, oral and written communication in the workplace, job-related vocabulary and other language skills for everyday working life. Depending on the focus of the course, specialised language elements and specific exam preparation may also be included.

Basic Courses

State-funded basic vocational language courses at levels B2 and C1 – face-to-face or online.

Special Course C1 Academic Medical Professions (Human Medicine)

State-funded virtual special vocational language course at level C1.

Special Course B2 Healthcare Professions

State-funded virtual special vocational language course at level B2.

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