A certificate of English skills, for example as required to apply for DAAD scholarships (for a semester abroad), can be attained at the language centre. Here, a distinction is to be made between a) students who have already taken an English course organised by the FH Aachen language centre and would like certification of the English skills they have gained, and b) those students who would like to provide evidence of their English skills by means of a language test.

a) Certification of previous course and examination achievement

For FH Aachen students who have previously attended a language centre English course in their faculty and have demonstrated their abilities in the four skills of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and speaking during the course and through the final exam, the language certificate is free of charge. The course and/or the final course exam may have taken place up to a maximum of 2 years previously. If you would like us to issue a certificate, please kindly contact us by email and let us know which FH Aachen faculty you belong to and which course you attended during which semester.

b) Proof of English Skills via a language test

FH students who have not yet taken part in a language centre English course which included a final exam can obtain a language certificate by taking a test at the cost of EUR 20 (external students: EUR 30) plus a EUR 20 registration fee. The 4 language competencies mentioned above will be verified through this test.

NOTICE: Special safety regulations apply to our exams due to the Corona pandemic. You can find more information here.

DAAD English Language Certificate - Dates

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