GRE General Test

Graduate Record Examinations General Test

The GRE General Test is an internationally recognised examination of the US provider ETS, conducted in a standardised manner worldwide, which tests the study aptitude of international higher education applicants. It is aimed at prospective students who wish to apply to an English-speaking university in the USA, the UK or Canada. Applicants can improve their chances of admission by getting good test results.

As a licensed testing centre, Sprachenakademie Aachen offers the GRE multiple times a year. You can register for the exam via the GRE website or by phone (+31-320-239-540).

Test Structure and Grading

The GRE can only be taken in English. It is a written examination that is carried out online on computers at the test centre. It consists of four parts (verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills). The total duration of the exam is approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes. Individual parts of the test cannot be taken separately.

The sample tests available on the GRE website are an excellent way to prepare for the individual parts of the exam. These will also give you a more accurate impression of its structure.

GRE scores are recognised by many institutions of higher education that have included the GRE in their admission regulations. Test candidates receive a certificate providing a list of the grades for each part of the test. An insufficient score in one part of the GRE cannot be offset by a better score in another part. The scores are weighted by the institutions according to course of study. For precise information regarding the entrance requirements for a particular course of studies, we recommend consulting the website of the institution in question.

The GRE is marked centrally by ETS, a process which takes about 10 to 15 days. After this time, all test participants can retrieve their results independently from the ETS online portal. More detailed information on the test format and grading can be found on the GRE website

GRE - Dates

NumberDateDay of the WeekRegistration
GRE24-3290704.07.2024Thursdayvia GRE-Website
GRE24-3290912.09.2024Thursdayvia GRE-Website
GRE24-3291211.12.2024Wednesdayvia GRE-Website

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