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Online Test German as a Foreign Language (in Aachen)

The digital TestDaF is a German language test developed by the TestDaF-Institut which is conducted online on the computer at the test centre. It is aimed at advanced students of German wanting to provide evidence of their language skills in the range of levels B2–C1About proficiency levels:
Click here to find detailed information regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
. German institutions of higher education accept the digital TestDaF (when passed with an appropriate grade) as evidence of sufficient knowledge of German for studies in the German language. In addition, many international institutions recognise the digital TestDaF.

As a licensed test centre, Sprachenakademie Aachen conducts the digital TestDaF regularly in Aachen.
Registration can only be done via the TestDaF-Institut. The test fee is €210.


Test Structure and Grading

The digital TestDaF examines four skills: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written skills and speaking skills. The short answers in the reading comprehension section and the texts in the writing skills section will be entered via the keyboard; headsets will be used for the reading and speaking sections. The TestDaF Institute provides more information about the test structure and training materials on its website.

Test results are graded against 3 levels for each of the four parts of the test (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written skills and spoken skills):

  • TestDaF Level 3 (TDN 3)
  • TestDaF Level 4 (TDN 4)
  • TestDaF Level 5 (TDN 5)

In addition to the TestDaF levels, the scaled scores, ranging from 0 to 20 points, and the total score (= sum of the points of all four skills) will be listed on the digital TestDaF certificate.
The best result is TDN 5. Results below TDN 3 mean the test was failed. In this case, all parts of the test must be retaken.

The TestDaF certificate is recognised by institutions of higher education in Germany. It is usually necessary to pass all parts of the test with a TDN 4 or higher. Precise information about the entrance guidelines for a particular course of studies is available from the website of the institution in question.

Test results are graded by the TestDaF Institute within about 4 weeks. The certificates will then be provided digitally in the TestDaF Participant Portal and can be downloaded and printed.

Digital TestDaf - Dates

NumberDateDay of the weekRegistration period
TD24-32108d06.08.2024Tue02.01.2024 - 25.07.2024
(via TestDaF-Inst.)
TD24-32109d17.09.2024Tue02.01.2024 - 05.09.2024
(via TestDaF-Inst.)
TD24-32111d12.11.2024Tue02.01.2024 - 30.10.2024
(via TestDaF-Inst.)

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