The DSH examination (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) offered at FH Aachen (Aachen University of Applied Sciences) is a standardised, accredited examination covering levels B2 - C1ABOUT PROFICIENCY LEVELS:
Information regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages can be found here .
, recognised all over Germany. It is aimed at prospective third-level students who require an official German language certificate for entry to their study programmes at institutions of higher education in Germany.

A successfully completed DSH examination is recognised by all universities in Germany;  thus the DSH exam of FH Aachen is open to all interested applicants, irrespective of the institution they are applying to.

We recommend sitting the exam after at least 800 – 1,000 hours of German language instruction. For DSH preparation, we suggest our intensive German courses.

Please use our online registration form to sign up for the exam. The examination fee amounts to €160 (plus registration fee). Examinees who have already been officially accepted by FH Aachen for a degree course will be charged a reduced feeReduced DSH Fee
In order to be charged the reduced fee you will have to prove that you have the necessary status. When you fill in the online registration form, you will be able to upload either your FH Aachen admission letter or your student ID. Only if you upload one of these documents you will be charged the reduced fee.
of € 110 (plus registration fee). The registration fee amounts to €20. There is a limited number of places available.

Exam format and grading

DSH comprises a written and oral component. The oral part is conducted only in case the examinee passes the written part. Both parts are divided into various sub-components. More detailed information on the examination format can be found on our DSH fact sheet (in German) and through familiarising yourself with the examination structure through viewing our DSH sample exam.

Each of the components of the DSH examination can be passed with the following grades:

  • DSH 1 (57% or above) certifies “basic/elementary“ language ability.
  • DSH 2 (67% or above) certifies “differenciated“ language ability.
  • DSH 3 (82% or above) certifies “exceptional“ language ability.

Should an examination candidate achieve less that 57% of the available marks in one of the examination components, the examination is considered not to have been passed, i.e., failed. More detailed information on the grading system for the examination can be found on our DSH fact sheet.

Most universities require a DSH result at level DSH-2 (C1ABOUT PROFICIENCY LEVELS:
Information regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages can be found here .
) or higher.
In order to gather detailed information about the requirements of specific universities and university departments, please check the respective websites.

The results of the written exam will be posted on our website after 12 days. At this point of time, appointments for the oral exam will be scheduled. You will find the total results on our website about 3 days after taking the oral exam. Your certificate will be issued within 3 – 4 weeks after the date of the written exam (of course we consider the common application deadlines of German universities).


Further information on accreditation and recognition of the FH Aachen DSH examination

The DSH examination held at Aachen University of Applied Sciences (FH Aachen) is in compliance with the DSH examination regulations of 4 July 2014. The examination regulations are in keeping with the regulatory framework of German language examinations for programmes of study at German institutions of higher education of 25th June 2004. It is registered at the conference of higher education institution presidents (registration number: 2-06/15). A DSH examination completed in accordance with article 6 of the regulatory framework will be recognised by all institutions of higher education and preparatory colleges in Germany.

PLEASE NOTE: Under strict observance of the applicable distance and hygiene rules, the DSH may currently be conducted as small group examination. If you are interested in taking the DSH exam, please fill out our inquiry form. If examination places become available, we will let you know. We ask for your understanding that the number of examination places is limited.