Integration Courses for Experienced Learners / Academics

6 language modules + orientation course

This integration course is aimed at immigrants who are used to a fast pace of learning and want to make rapid progress improving their knowledge of German. It consists of a total of 6 language course modules and an orientation course (100 teaching unitsTeaching units:
One teaching unit = 45 minutes
each, 700 in total). The course may be joined at any module, depending on prior language skills.

On successful completion of the course, students will have reached level B1About proficiency levels:
Click here to find detailed information regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
and may take the Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer (DTZ).

Lessons are conducted by qualified teachers and take place from Monday to Friday, with 5 teaching unitsTeaching units:
One teaching unit = 45 minutes
being covered daily.

Registration and fees

For students receiving full sponsorship from the BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees), the language modules and orientation course are free of charge. Students who are partially sponsored by the BAMF pay €2.29 per teaching unit so that every module as well as the orientation course cost €229 each.

Registration for one of our integration courses may only take place following a detailed consultation that is conducted by our integration centre team.

There are face-to-face courses (in Buchkremerstraße 6 in Aachen) and virtual courses. If you would like to participate in a virtual course, you need stable internet, a computer/laptop with a camera, a microphone and headphones.

You can take a look at the course dates here:

Integration courses for experiences learners / academics - dates

IK23-21111vA21.11.202301.07.2024*08:30-12:45Buchkremerstr. 6
52062 Aachen
IK24-21103v25.03.202412.11.2024*08:30-12:45Buchkremerstr. 6
52062 Aachen
IK24-21107v29.07.202407.03.2025*08:30-12:45Buchkremerstr. 6
52062 Aachen
*The end of the course may be postponed by several days due to organisational reasons.

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