Intensive German Courses

For study and work – from A1 to C1 in 10 modules

Course type & features

  • Intensive course: daily live lessons with a fast progression
  • A1-B1: live online course in our virtual classroom
  • B2-C1: face-to-face course in Aachen with live online elements
  • Digital course book/interactive teaching materials
  • Experienced, professional teachers
  • Simplified application procedure for the DSH at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Learning goals

  • Learn German fast and intensively
  • Get prepared for university studies or work in Germany
  • Get ready for a standardised exam (e.g. DSH, TestDaF, telc)

Course structure & levels

  • Levels A1–C1About proficiency levels:
    here to find detailed information regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
    in 10 modules
  • 1 module = about 1 month = about 100 teaching unitsTeaching units:
    One teaching unit = 45 minutes
  • Live classes Monday through Friday (25 teaching units per week)
    • Modules 1–6: 5 days of live online teaching per week in our virtual classroom
    • Modules 7–10: 3–4 days of face-to-face teaching in Aachen + 1–2 days of live online teaching per week
  • New courses at all levels start regularly
  • Suitable entry level is guaranteed by our online placement testCourse placement:
    If you book a course with us and have previous knowledge of German, our placement test will show which level you can begin with.

Fees & Registration

1 or more modules

€ 520

per module *

4 or more modules

€ 500

per module *

Save up to

€ 140

8 or more modules

€ 490

per module *

Save up to

€ 300

* We charge a one-time registration fee of €50 for the first booking.

  • Included: registration confirmation for visa application
  • Included: access to online learning platform
  • Included: digital course book/teaching materials

Printed course books can be purchased in addition. Information on the course books we use can be found here.

You will need: stable internet, computer/laptop with camera (the camera must be switched on during class), microphone, headphones.
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Intensive German courses for study and work - Module dates

StartEndMorning course
02.04.202429.04.20248:30–12:45 CEST
30.04.202429.05.20248:30–12:45 CEST
03.06.202428.06.20248:30–12:45 CEST
03.07.202430.07.20248:30–12:45 CEST
02.08.202429.08.20248:30–12:45 CEST
02.09.202427.09.20248:30–12:45 CEST
01.10.202429.10.20248:30–12:45 CEST
30.10.202426.11.20248:30–12:45 CET
27.11.202423.12.20248:30–12:45 CET
06.01.202531.01.20258:30–12:45 CET
03.02.202528.02.20258:30–12:45 CET
04.03.202528.03.20258:30–12:45 CET
01.04.202530.04.20258:30–12:45 CEST
02.05.202528.05.20258:30–12:45 CEST
02.06.202502.07.20258:30–12:45 CEST
03.07.202530.07.20258:30–12:45 CEST
01.08.202528.08.20258:30–12:45 CEST
01.09.202526.09.20258:30–12:45 CEST
30.09.202528.10.20258:30–12:45 CEST
29.10.202525.11.20258:30–12:45 CET
26.11.202523.12.20258:30–12:45 CET
Overview of all intensive course dates: Click here!

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