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Consultation and Registration

Our consultation and registration team will gladly advise you regarding German courses for university and work, integration courses and job-related language training courses. We will help you to find the right course type and support you with additional formalities. You can contact us personally in our office in Aachen, send us an email or talk to us on the phone. In addition, you are welcome to book a live online consultation appointment.

  • Julia Orlowski, head of consultation & registration team
  • Rabea Werthmann, head of consultation & registration team
  • Yasemin Besir, consultation & registration team
  • Wenqian Cai, consultation & registration team
  • Nadine Gura, consultation & registration team
  • Ramia Mresheh, consultation & registration team
  • Kateryna Naegler, consultation & registration team
  • Jana Zurkaulen, consultation & registration team

Course consultation and placement for integration courses and job-related language training courses

Our specialist consultation team is in charge of placing new participants in our integration courses or job-related langauge training courses, according to their individual current levels and their learning objectives. After a basic consultation, our registration team will give you an appointment for your placement test if needed. Alternatively, an online placement test can be made available.

  • Marion Dohrn, consultant for integration courses / job-related language training courses
  • Hümeyra Jansen, consultant for integration courses / job-related language training courses
  • Olga Solonari, consultant for integration courses / job-related language training courses
  • Thekla Styma, consultant for integration courses / job-related language training courses

Support for participants during their German courses

If you have questions while you are already participating in one of our courses, if you need a certificate of attendance, if you want to call in sick or need advice, please contact the office in charge:

a) For participants of our German courses for university and work:  Coordination office for intensive courses, 5th floor

  • Andrea Smaglinski, head of administrative coordination intensive courses
  • Anna Dorothea Simon, coordination office team

b) For participants of our integration courses and vocational German language promotion courses:  Coordination office for Integration Centre, 4th floor

  • Melike Besir, coordination office team
  • Beate Premper, coordination office team
  • Alexandra Ruzik, coordination office team

Our examination centre team will counsel you regarding our language and study aptitude exams and guide you through the registration process.

  • Magdalena Simka-Gerets, head of examination centre
  • Linda Dorn, head of administrative coordination examination centre
  • Kristina Pütz, executive coordination university exams
  • Julia Deistler, executive coordination licence exams
  • Sonja Melanie Stadelhofer de Martínez, coordinator of overseas examinations
  • Markella Kapitsaki, coordinator of integration examinations
  • Alexandra Olkis, examination centre team
  • Sabine Sylvester, examination centre team

All course instructors of Sprachenakademie Aachen have a university degree and/or academic education in the field of German as a foreign language as well as multifaceted teaching experience. They are familiar with the examinations that we prepare our students for in our courses. Depending on their areas of assignments, the teachers benefit from further qualifications, such as:

  • BAMF qualifications
  • Examiner licences for examinations of external providers (e.g. telc, g.a.s.t.)
  • DSH examination authorisations
  • further education

Our courses are conducted by teams of course instructors who guarantee well-planned, varied classes. We ensure the quality of our courses through regular training and workshops, teaching hospitations and course evaluations.

Our teachers are appointed and supervised by an experienced team:

  • Dr. Michaela Wirtz, head of intensiv course business unit
  • Annette Förster, professional head of basic courses
  • Dr. Michaela Wirtz, professional head of intermediate and advanced courses
  • Anika Tissen, head of Integration Centre business unit
  • Hümeyra Jansen, professional head of integration courses
  • Rita Kirsch, professional head of job-related language training courses
  • Cristina Falck, pedagogical head of specialist programmes

Our Communication & Marketing team is in charge of internal and external communication, marketing and maintaining the international Sprachenakademie network.

  • Alexa Keldenich, head of Communications & Marketing 
  • Claudia Hillen, graphic and web designer
  • Rabea Werthmann, head of social media team

Our coordination office for central administration serves as a reception for colleagues, external visitors and providers.

  • Deborah Comoth, coordination office team
  • Susanne Rodenwaldt, coordination office team
  • Thomas Maksymowicz, coordination office team
  • Eva Niemann, coordination office team

Attention: This administration office does not offer consultation on our course programme. If you are looking for further information about our courses and exams, please contact the corresponding consultation team.

The members of our company management team carry out steering, representative and administrative tasks for the upper management levels.

  • Coralie Heilmann, executive assistant
  • Alina Ottmann, executive assistant
  • Tong Shi, executive assistant
  • Macy Imafidon, executive assistant

The team at our Beijing office provides advice on German courses and exams, specialist programmes, university applications and visa issues.

  • WANG, Weiwei, Beijing office team
  • CAI, Wenqian, Beijing office team

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