Leben in Deutschland

Final Examination for Orientation Courses

Every orientation course which forms part of an integration course concludes with the Leben in Deutschland (LID) test, issued by the BAMF (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge). Examinations are conducted in German. The LID is not a language test, but instead assesses the candidate’s knowledge of the content covered in the orientation course: topics include, for example, the German legal system, German history and culture, important values in Germany (e.g. freedom of religion, tolerance, equality) and more. Preparation for the LID takes place during the orientation course. In addition, candidates can take a look at the online question database and interactive sample questionnaire on the BAMF website. As a licensed test centre, Sprachenakademie conducts the test regularly at the end of each orientation course. Students of our integration courses are automatically registered for the test; there is no additional fee. If free places are available, our integration centre also accepts applications from external participants following an initial consultation. If places are available, registrations from external participants will also be accepted. The examination fee for external participants is €25 plus a registration fee of €20. 

Exam Structure and Grading

LID is a purely written test and consists of a total of 33 questions. For each question there is a choice of 4 possible answers; the correct answer must be ticked. The exam duration is one hour. The interactive sample questionnaire, provided by the BAMF, offers a closer look at the test format. Passing the test requires at least 15 out of 33 questions to be answered correctly. If a candidate answers 17 or more questions correctly, the LID exam is recognised as an alternative to the German citizenship test.

Assessment of LID tests is conducted centrally by the BAMF, you can check the current processing status on the BAMF website. We will inform you as soon as the results are available and can be picked up.

Leben in Deutschland - Dates

NumberDateDay of the WeekRegistration Deadline
LID24-3237101.08.2024ThuFully booked
LID24-3237212.09.2024ThuFully booked
LID24-3237410.10.2024ThuFully booked

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