Oxford Test of English

Certified by University of Oxford

The Oxford Test of English is an internationally recognised, standardised English exam developed by Oxford University Press and certified by the University of Oxford.

It is a scaled exam: Depending on their specific results, examinees can be certified language skills within the level range A2–B1About proficiency levels:
here to find detailed information regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The exam is of interest for (prospective) university students as well as professionals planning to study or work abroad. A growing number of universities, educational institutions and organisations around the world accept the Oxford Test of English as a proof of English language proficiencies. A list of all institutions who recognise the respective certificates can be found here.
The Oxford University Press website provides more detailed information regarding the exam and its target group.

As a licensed test centre, Sprachenakademie Aachen offers the Oxford Test of English on a regular basis. You can use our online form to register: please mind the application deadline when doing so. The examination fee for a complete exam amounts to €110 (including the registration fee of €30). At a fee of €30 each (plus registration fee), single parts of the exam can be repeated.

Examination Outline and Evaluation

The Oxford Test of English is computer-based and is conducted on the premises of Sprachenakademie Aachen. It comprises the 4 skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. All parts of the exam take place on the same day. Regarding the repetition of the exam: The whole test or single parts of it can be taken no more than twice during a period of 8 months.

A computer-adaptive exam, the Oxford Test of English contains tasks on several degrees of difficulty. In order to avoid underchallenge, the tasks will automatically be adapted to the skills of the examinee, based on his or her answers, during the examination parts listening and reading.
Further information regarding the structure of the exam as well as a free sample exam can be found at the Oxford University Press website.

The exam will be centrally marked by the examination provider within 14 days. The results will be made available to the examinees exclusively through the Oxford online platform. The certificate can be downloaded from there and will list the results for of each of the four language skills, indicating the levels reached.

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