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Where do I find things in Aachen?

A short guide for new residents

On our information page about “health issues”, you will find advice on what to do if you are ill (or, rather, if you want to get well again).

All of the local authorities in the City of Aachen are listed on the city’s website. Here you will find the Residents’ Office (e.g. for registering an apartment), the Aliens’ Registration Office (e.g. for all issues relating to your stay) and further offices.

All Aachen universities offer academic counselling. If you do not yet know exactly what you want to study, you can turn to the central academic counselling service. If you have questions about a specific subject or department, make use of the counselling centre of the relevant faculty.

Central academic counselling service of the RWTH Aachen
Departmental advisors of the RWTH Aachen
Central academic counselling service of the FH Aachen
Departmental advisors of the FH Aachen – on the websites of the degree programmes

If you need information about the overall admission requirements for studying in Germany or support in choosing your field of study, preparing your application and taking further administrative steps, we at Sprachenakademie will gladly advise you. Simply arrange your appointment by email.

If you are interested in renting a room for the duration of your stay, please send an email to Please contact the accommodation team as early as possible: Very often, all available rooms are fully booked several months in advance.

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