Online Compact Courses German

For Study, Work and Everyday Life – A1 to C1

Course type & features

  • Compact course: Learn German alongside studies or job, regardless of location
  • Interactive live online teaching with experienced, professional teachers
  • Communicative and dynamic learning in international groups
  • Regular small group and project work
  • Digitalised interactive learning materials

Learning goals

  • Learn German fast and focused
  • For study, work and everyday life in Germany

Course structure & levels

  • Courses at 10 levels (A1–C1About proficiency levels:
    Click here to find detailed information regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • 1 course = 10 weeks = 20 teaching sessions
  • 2 teaching sessions per week
  • Suitable entry level is guaranteed by our online placement testCourse placement:
    If you book a course with us and have previous knowledge of German, our placement test will show which level you can begin with.

Fees & registration

  • Fee per course: €400
  • DiscountedStudent discount:
    In order to be granted our student discount, please show a valid student ID when you register for the course.
    course fee: €300
  • One-time registration fee: €20
  • With a few exceptions, course books are not included in the fees and should be purchased in advance. Information on the course books we use can be found here.

You will need: stable internet, computer/laptop with camera (the camera must be switched on during class), microphone, headphones.
Are you interested? Feel free to submit the form to receive a course recommendation.

Compact Courses German Starting in April 2024 - Dates

NumberLevelStartEndDays of the weekHours
DK24-13004a1A1.109.04.202420.06.2024Tue + Thu18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13004a2A1.208.04.202419.06.2024Mon + Wed18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13004a3A2.109.04.202420.06.2024Tue + Thu18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13004a5B1.109.04.202420.06.2024Tue + Thu18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13004a7B2.109.04.202420.06.2024Tue + Thu18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13004a8B2.208.04.202419.06.2024Mon + Wed18.45 - 21.00

Compact Courses German Starting in September 2024 - Dates

NumberLevelStartEndDays of the weekHours
DK24-13009a1A1.109.09.202413.11.2024Mon + Wed18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13009a2A1.210.09.202419.11.2024Tue + Thu18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13009a3A2.109.09.202413.11.2024Mon + Wed18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13009a4A2.210.09.202419.11.2024Tue + Thu18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13009a5B1.109.09.202413.11.2024Mon + Wed18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13009a6B1.210.09.202419.11.2024Tue + Thu18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13009a7B2.109.09.202413.11.2024Mon + Wed18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13009a8B2.210.09.202419.11.2024Tue + Thu18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13009a9C1.109.09.202413.11.2024Mon + Wed18.45 - 21.00
DK24-13009a10C1.210.09.202419.11.2024Tue + Thu18.45 - 21.00

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