Summer Courses: FAQ

You can find the most important information regarding the booking of the summer courses and the accommodation in the course booking conditions and accommodation booking conditions which you have to accept when registering for the course.

Here you will find further answers to frequently asked questions about the course, the cultural programme, the accommodation and everyday life in Aachen.



Please find the online application form here. After having received your application form we will check the submitted information to see if you meet the requirements for participation in Aachener Sprachsommer  and then get back to you. If we can admit you to the course, you will then have to pay the fee within the payment deadline (see course booking conditions).

For legal reasons we can only admit people of full age (at least 18 years) to the course. The average age of participants is 18-25.

All participants will take a placement test before the course starts. Based on the results of this test, you will be allocated to the corresponding level.

Whether you need a visa for the language course depends on which country you come from. You will find a list of countries that require a visa here. If you do need a visa, we can send you a letter of invitation once we have received your course fee and accommodation payment; you can submit this letter to the German embassy in your home country as part of your visa application. Please arrange enough time for the visa application process (approximately 3 months).

We can send you an official invitation document as soon as you have registered and the entire course fee has arrived in our bank account. The document contains information about the duration of the course, the nature of the course, accommodation and excursions abroad.

The fee for the Intensive German courses (in either July or August) is €530.

The fees include the course and the cultural and recreational programme during the week. Not included are the course book (see courses below), accommodation (see accommodation below), European City trips and catering.

As for this question, please note our course booking conditions :

A cancellation of the booking requires a valid reason that can be proved with paperwork (e. g. due to visa or health issues) and is only possible until 31 May for the July courses and until 30 June for courses in August. When the request and the necessary documentation for cancellation are submitted within the cancellation deadline, a decision will be made within a few weeks whether the reasons are justified and the supporting documents are sufficient and whether the fee minus the registration fee (€50) can be refunded.



We offer intensive German courses for the levels A1 – C1. All participants will take a placement test before the course starts. Based on the results of this test, you will be allocated to the corresponding level.

In order to obtain a certificate confirming regular participation, you need to attend classes very regularly. You will receive more information at the beginning of the course.

Classes take place Mondays to Fridays from 8.30 to 13.00  or from 13.45 to 18.00.

Yes, the teaching  material is not included in the course fee. You can purchase it on the first day of class (about €20).

If you take part successfully and pass the final exam you will receive a certificate at the end of the course as well as 5 ECTS points, provided these are recognised by your home university.


Online Placement Test

Approximately one month before the course of the start, the online placement test will be open for about 10 days. We will inform you on time about the the exact period for the online test.

Taking the test is only possible during this period.

In order to prepare for the test, we recommend to repeat grammatical topics and vocabulary you have studied already.



The following airports are not far away from Aachen:
Germany: Köln/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt
Belgium: Brussels
Netherlands: Maastricht and Amsterdam

Options for the trip from the airport to Aachen:
By train: Please find information about timetables and ticket prices here:
A bus company which offers trips to Aachen is, for example,

All registered participants will receive further directions in time before their journey begins.

Checking in to the accommodation before the booked period or departing later is not possible.

If you arrive earlier or depart later, we recommend you book a bed in a youth hostel or similar accommodation for the additional nights. You can find information about these a options here: [at] jugendherberge [dot] de




Please take note of the booking conditions for the accommodation!

The accommodation venues are located at several sites in Aachen. The centre of Aachen is never more than a 15 minutes bus ride away from the accommodation. For organisational reasons, we can let you know only after your arrival which of the available venues you will be accommodated in.

It will take at most a 30-minute bus ride plus a few minutes on foot to get from the accommodation to the course building.

All rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, chair and wardrobe.

Sheets, pillows and blankets will be provided. Towels have to be brought by the participants. You will also need to bring a hair dryer, iron etc. if required.

Yes, there are communal kitchens. Basic equipment is available: refrigerator, oven, cupboard, a plate, a pot, a pan, a glass and a cutlery set (knife, fork and spoon).

Yes, you can do laundry either in the accommodation itself or in a self-service laundry nearby. It costs about €2.50 per washing load. Upon check in at the arrival office, participants will receive detailed information.

Dorms are shared by about 3-5 participants (women and men stay in separate rooms).

You do not have to book the accommodation with us. If you would like to look for accommodation in Aachen by yourself, you can do so using the following websites: (choose the option „befristet“)



As the course fee does not cover health insurance, you have to take care of this issue while you are still in your home country, as mentioned in the course booking conditions. The same holds for a personal liability and accident insurance policy. An insurance package designed especially for students and guest academics from abroad is offered for example by



Everyday life in Aachen

Public transportation in Aachen mainly works with busses. There are bus stops close to the course building as well as the accommodations.

There are several options. You can buy single tickets and pay per journey. Single tickets currently cost €2.80 for one journey within Aachen, tickets for short distances are cheaper. A monthly ticket can be purchased at differing conditions, according to your preferred area (starting at €70,-). Summer course participants can get a cheaper ticket which you can order on the first course day (you will receive further information after arrival). The monthly ticket is valid within the city of Aachen and for trips to Vaals and Kelmis (other cities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia are not included).

You should budget about €100 to €130 per week as you need to buy your own food and certainly would like to have an additional coffee, go to the cinema or buy any other treat every once in a while (of course this sum may be smaller or higher depending on your personal preferences). In addition to this, you will need to consider expenses for excursions and, if needed, a bus ticket.

After classes, you have the option of eating at the university cafeteria. You can have a look at the current menus and prices of the different meals here. Participants of Aachener Sprachsommer can buy the meals at the price for students.

In the teaching buildings, you will find a cafeteria that opens before classes start and can be visited after the end of the course as well. The cafeteria offers tasty snacks like sandwiches, sweets, coffee and soft drinks at fair prices.

The weather in Aachen is changeable – even in summer there may sometimes be cooler days and rain. The average daily temperature in the summer months is between 20-28 degrees. We recommend packing long-sleeved tops, trousers and a light jacket in addition to your summer clothes.

We recommend you to bring your student ID (in order to get student discounts in museums etc.) In addition, it is worth having some cash on hand for the first few days.