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Learn German & Experience Europe

The FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences offers summer courses in German as a foreign language under the title Aachener Sprachsommer. Every year, international students from many different countries come to Aachen for four weeks during the summer months to take part in the Aachener Sprachsommer.

During your stay, you will improve your language skills in intensive German courses, experience a varied cultural and leisure programme and get to know Aachen and the surrounding area on joint excursions. In addition, our optional European city trips will take you to the capitals of two neighboring countries: Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Paris (France).

In 2024, the Aachener Sprachsommer will take place during the following periods:

  • 02 – 29 August 2024 (accommodation: 01 – 30 August 2024)
  • 02 – 27 September 2024 (accommodation: 01 – 28 September 2024)

Course types and registration

The following course types will be offered:

Intensive German

Intensive German courses at levels B2-C1.

Didactics Seminar

Didactics seminar for German teachers as well as students of German studies.

Cultural and leisure programme

A varied cultural and leisure programme is part of the Aachener Sprachsommer. The aim is for you to get an impression of Aachen and German everyday life while simultaneously making a European experience: You will move across borders, visit historically significant places as well as modern cities, explore the area around Aachen and meet people from all over the world. On the weekends, you will have the opportunity to visit two European capitals on our optional European excursions: Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Paris (France).

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You can book a student accommodation for the duration of the course:

  • Single room: €620 per person
  • Double room: €430 per person

All accommodation is close to Aachen city centre. Showers and kitchens are shared by several residents. You can move into your room one day before the course starts and stay until the day after the course ends.

The number of rooms available is limited. Early booking is therefore recommended.

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Cover photo: © Sarah Thelen

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