Evening Courses

Our German evening courses are aimed at students, professionals and other learners who are seeking to develop and improve their writing and speaking skills.

Ranging from beginners to advanced level (A1 - C1ABOUT PROFICIENCY LEVELS:
Information regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages can be found here .
), the courses are designed to complement each other and build systematically upon what has been learned in the previous courses. Through various activities, learners will systematically develop their vocabulary, master grammatical structures and develop communicative competencies, thus allowing them to build confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in various contexts.

There will be two course appointments per week, each of them consisting of 3 teaching units. The course fee amounts to €360. Students who show a valid student ID when registering receive a discount and pay only €270. A registration fee of €20 will be added.

In order to find the most suitable course, participants will take a placement test when they sign up. As our courses tend to fill up quickly, we therefore recommend to register early enough (at least a couple of days in advance).

German Evening Courses Starting in September 2019 - Dates

NumberLevelStartEndDays of the WeekHours
19.11.2019Tue + Thu19.00 - 21.15
A1.209.09.201918.11.2019Mon + Wed19.00 - 21.15
DA19-13009a3A2.110.09.201919.11.2019Tue + Thu19.00 - 21.15
DA19-13009a4A2.209.09.201918.11.2019Mon + Wed19.00 - 21.15
DA19-13009a5B1.110.09.201919.11.2019Tue + Thu19.00 - 21.15
DA19-13009a6B1.209.09.201918.11.2019Mon + Wed19.00 - 21.15
DA19-13009a7B2.110.09.201919.11.2019Tue + Thu19.00 - 21.15
DA19-13009a8B2.209.09.201918.11.2019Mon + Wed19.00 - 21.15
DA19-13009a9C1.110.09.201919.11.2019Tue + Thu19.00 - 21.15
DA19-13009a10C1.209.09.201918.11.2019Mon + Wed19.00 - 21.15
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