We warmly welcome all persons who have come to the Aachen city region from the war zones. For those who are looking for a German course, we provide basic information on this website – and an option to send us an initial expression of interest.

Throughout the year, we run intensive German courses for work and study as well as state-funded integration courses. Our offer is aimed at adults who have already learned the Latin alphabet. The courses take place either online or in our rooms in the centre of Aachen.

Integration courses

Adult Ukrainian citizens who have fled from the war and currently live in Aachen have the option to learn German in an integration course. These courses are paid for by the German state.
Before you can apply for an integration course, you must first apply for a residence permit according to §24 (of the German Residence Act) the with the Aachen Foreigners‘ Registration Office. Once you have received this document, you are welcome to fill in our form and upload a photo or scan of your residence permit. We will then check if you can register for an integration course.

Unfortunately, we must point out that the waiting time for integration course places can currently be several weeks or even months: We have already increased our capacities and set up additional courses; nevertheless, there are currently significantly more inquiries than available course places. We process all requests as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Special courses

In addition to the integration courses, we have set up several special courses which refugees can attend free of charge. These courses are currently fully booked.

Intensive German Courses (subject to fees)

For persons who want to prepare for university studies in Germany, we offer academically oriented intensive German courses. The courses cover levels A1-C1 and start once per month. Please note that these courses are subject to course fees. You can find more information and a registration form here.

By submitting a form or sending an email, you do not automatically sign up for a course: We will first register your interest. We receive very many inquiries, and we try to enable as many people as possible to participate in a German course. However, as the number of course places is limited, it may take a few weeks or even months before we can offer you a counselling appointment/course place.

We thank you for your patience and trust!

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