The TestAS is an internationally recognised examination of the TestDaF-Institut, conducted in a standardised manner worldwide,  which tests the ability of foreign higher education applicants to study at German universities. It is aimed at prospective international students wanting to apply for  at a German institution of higher education. Applicants can improve their chances of admission by getting good test results. Successfully passing the test requires, among other things, language skills (in German or English) at level B1ABOUT PROFICIENCY LEVELS:
Information regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages can be found here .
(or higher).

As a licensed testing centre, Sprachenakademie Aachen offers the TestAS multiple times a year. Registration is only possible via the TestAS website. The test fee is €135.

Test Structure and Grading

The TestAS may be taken in English or German. It is a purely written test and takes around around 5 hours (including a 30 minute break).

The test consists of two parts:

  • The core test measures skills required for all courses of study. This part of the test takes around 110 minutes.
  • The subject-specific test modules test skills required for success in a particular course of study. One of 4 subject-specific modules may be selected from: humanities, cultural and social sciences; engineering; mathematics, computer and natural sciences; and economics. This part of the test takes around 145-150 minutes.

The sample tests available on the TestAS website are an excellent way to prepare for the individual parts of the exam. These will also give you a more accurate impression of its structure.

TestAS scores are recognised by German institutions of higher education that have included the TestAS in their admission requirements. Test candidates receive a certificate providing a list of the grades for each area of the test. A bad score in one part of the TestAS cannot be offset by a better score in another. The scores are weighted by the institutions according to course of study. For precise information regarding the entrance requirements for a particular course of studies, we recommend consulting the website of the institution in question.

More detailed information on the test format and grading can be found on the TestAS website.

The TestAS is marked centrally by the TestDaF Institute, a process which takes about 4 weeks. After this time, all test participants can retrieve their results independently from the TestAS online portal.

The whole test may be retaken several times. However, since the TestAS measures stable cognitive abilities (as opposed to skills that can be quickly learned), a better result at a later date is unlikely. Individual parts of the test cannot be taken separately. If you only need a test for language skills, a registration for the onSET Deutsch or TestDaF (resp. onSET English) is preferable.

NOTICE: Our exams are conducted in strict compliance with the special regulations aiming at the containment of the Corona pandemic. More information and current notices can be found here.

TestAS - Dates

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