The TOEIC is an internationally accredited and standardised English language test designed by ETS and distributed in Germany by LTS. It is apt to test levels of English proficiency on a scale ranging from level A1 - B2 ABOUT PROFICIENCY LEVELS:
Information regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages can be found here .
. Since the TOEIC focuses on the use of English in the world of business, it is ideal for candidates who use English in a professional context and seek an overall measure of their language skills. A multitude of companies all over the world accept the TOEIC certificate as verification of English language proficiency for professional contexts.

There are three different TOEIC formats: The Listening and Reading Test, the Speaking and Writing Test, and the 4Skills Test.
The Listening and Reading Test examines listening and reading skills only. As a licensed test centre, Sprachenakademie Aachen offers this test format several times each year.

ETS and LTS are entirely responsible for the registration procedure  as well as the organisation of the exam; Sprachenakademie Aachen cannot influence these processes. You can register for the exam via the LTS website.

The Speaking and Writing Test focuses on speaking and writing skills. The 4Skills Test examines all four skills. The Speaking and Writing Test and the 4Skills Test can be taken at Sprachenakademie Aachen upon request only; there are currently no regularly scheduled dates for these formats.

Exam Format and Grading

The detailed examination outlines as well as the sample tests offered in the respective section of the LTS website provide good insights into the examination formats of both the  Listening and Reading Test and the Speaking and Writing Test.

Candidates will receive their results within 14 days of taking the examination. All results will be evaluated according to a point scale leading to a number of total points obtained: the so-called “TOEIC score”. For further information on the interpretation of the scores please visit the TOEIC website.

TOEIC - Dates

NumberDateDay of the weekRegistration
TOC20-3265407.10.2020Wedvia LTS
TOC20-3265504.11.2020Wedvia LTS