Depending on one’s country of origin, the highest school-leaving qualification possible in that country may not be sufficient on its own to gain open access to the German higher education system: Not all foreign school-leaving qualifications are recognised as equivalent to the Abitur.

Prospective students whose school-leaving qualifications do not entitle them to apply directly to a German university or college can attend a foundation college (“Studienkolleg”). These colleges offer an additional year of linguistic and subject-related training with a final examination: after passing this exam, participants can apply to a German university.

Foundation colleges also have entry requirements, often including German language skills at a specific level. Sprachenakademie offers intensive closed-group German language courses providing linguistic preparation for foundation college entrance exams. Upon request, the course may be concluded with a standardised test. Assistance with the application process can also optionally be included in the programme.

Programme components are put together in consultation with the sending organisation. We are happy to establish a regular exchange.